Salt For Water Softener Ireland

Salt For Water Softener Ireland

Aquasoft™ Ireland supplies only the highest quality water softening rock / tablet salt supplied in 25kg bags (25 kilograms). Our water softening salt is 99% pure

Aquasoft™ Ireland is the leading supplier of hydrosoft™ Salt for use in Water softeners or water treatment. hydrosoft™ salt is the highest quality rock salt in the

Broxo Premium Quality Water Softening Salt; Pellet Size 6mm to 15mm; 100% Soluble; Proven quality and high pressure technology; The right product for every

Euro Water Solutions offers Kinetico, the world’s no.1 brand of water softeners, to customers across Ireland with experience and … Salt & Cartridges … we are proud to be your exclusive authorised dealer in Ireland for Kinetico Water Softeners.

We are one of the leading suppliers of water softener salt in Ireland. Order through our on-line Shop or call our office at 063-89290.

Broxo 6-15 Water Softener Salt 25kg : Broxo 6-15 Salt allows for problem free water softening that gives a good performance. It is a very high-pressure

Broxo Water Treatment Salt 25Kg. Water softener salt. Very pure high-pressure compacted vacuum salt (99,8% NaCl); Applicable to domestic and industrial

Axal Pro Water Softening Salt Tablets – 25kg ensure the best performance from your water softener, while also extending the life of your equipment.

Water Softener Salts – Delivering block, tablet and granulare water softener salt from Hydrosoft, Aquasol, Pure White and more brands

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