President Card Game Strategies

President Card Game Strategies


The person who is president (or the scum in some versions) shuffles and deals the cards. All the cards are dealt as evenly as possible in clockwise rotation. After cards are dealt, the scum must hand over his best two cards to the president, while the high-scum must hand over his best card to the vice-president.

President is an easy to learn card game that is great for a group of friends. Check out our easy to learn rules, president tips and tricks to win!

AKA Arsehole Decks One, including jokers. Players 4-7. Aim To get rid of all your cards. Last man standing becomes ‘scum’ in the next round

President aka Asshole is a 4-7 player card game using a standard deck. This guide focuses on 5 players as it’s the most balanced to play. 4p games require you

How to Play President (Card Game). Presidents and A-holes is a fun and fast-paced card game where players’ positions change every round. The winner of

Starting to the dealers left, deal one card at a time until all cards have been dealt. … who is out of cards is awarded the highest social rank – this is President.

Scum is a card game based on the ideals of cutthroat American Capitalism: to wit, the … They are, in descending order of importance and desirability: President,

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